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The ENARCO Technical Support Service will help you:

1. Resolving technical doubts that may arise concerning either the use or the maintenance of products.

You can contact us by:
· Directly telephoning the Support Service at +34 976 464 094
· Sending an enquiry by e-mail to sat@enar.es
· Making an enquiry through the web page
· Using any other means such as fax, contacting the marketing department, etc.

2. Dealing with guarantees.
The guarantee for ENAR machinery has a validity of 1 year from the date of purchase, except in special conditions.
The guarantee covers manufacturing defects, but under no circumstances does it cover damage caused by misuse.
In all cases, the machine should be sent to ENARCO, indicating the name and address of the consignee.
The Technical Support Department will provide immediate notification of whether it accepts the guarantee and will send a technical report if one is requested.
When the problem is the internal combustion engine, the terms of the guarantee will be those established by the manufacturer of the engine.

3. Managing complaints.
It is vital that you should pass on to us any complaint you might have, whether about the product or the service provided by ENARCO.
Complaints can be made by any means, whether telephone, fax or e-mail.
The complaint will be handled in accordance with the guidelines provided by our quality-control system, analysing the causes, offering a solution and introducing corrective or preventive measures if this is considered necessary.

4. Training in repairing ENAR machinery in ENARCO’s
You can request a training course in our Centre if you are subsequently going to carry out ENAR machine maintenance or be an ENAR service technician.
The duration of the course is 1 to 2 days depending on the machinery, and it is entirely practical in nature.
The course is totally free.

5. Repairing ENARCO machinery.
Throughout the lifespan of an ENARCO machine, if a problem arises with operating it or if it simply requires servicing, it can be sent to ENARCO or to any authorized workshop (consult your closest workshop).
Whenever you send a machine to be repaired you must indicate the name and address of the consignee.
Before carrying out reparations, if the cost is greater than 90 €, an estimate is calculated, and this is sent to the customer for approval. Otherwise, the reparation is carried out immediately.
If required, a technical report on the damage is sent.
If not otherwise specified, the repaired machine will be sent back using our customary transport, and the cost of transport will be included in the invoice. It is estimated that the reparation will take place within 5 days.
Repaired machinery has a guarantee of 90 days.

 6. Recommending spare parts
If any spare part is necessary for the reparation of an ENAR machine, it can be requested consulting the piece-by-piece diagrams that can be viewed on this web site, or by directly calling the Technical Support Service. The Support Service will advise you on the special tools necessary for the reparation of machinery.
The Support Service can also advise you on the parts you will require in the future for the maintenance of the ENAR machines.

All the information gained in reparations is used to improve the machines and ensure that ENAR products are more robust and reliable in the future, in this way giving our customers better value.